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Aggressive and Experienced Criminal Defense in Palm Beach Gardens

Facing criminal prosecution is terrifying and overwhelming for most people. You may be fearful of the consequences of a criminal conviction: incarceration, fines, probation, and damage to your reputation. The guidance of an experienced Palm Beach Gardens criminal defense attorney is critical to protecting your rights and minimizing the severity of the charges against you. I am criminal defense attorney William Wallshein, and I have been practicing criminal law for over 29 years. I defend people faced with criminal prosecution in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas throughout South Florida.

Practice Areas

I maintain a thriving practice in areas including cases related to: DUI defense; drug crimes; firearms, burglary, and theft; domestic violence; sex crimes; juvenile crimes; and federal crimes. Charges in any of these areas are taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges, and you will need an attorney with substantial knowledge of all applicable defense strategies.

DUI Defense: In some cases, it is possible to reach a plea or get charges dismissed based on procedural errors by the police. These include faulty breathalyzer tests or tests that have been improperly calibrated, lack of reasonable suspicion or probable cause, or a failure to recite Miranda rights. More serious DUI cases involving injury or death have similar defenses available. If it is not possible to get the charges reduced or dismissed, I have significant trial experience and can develop a strong trial strategy to defend you.

Drug Crimes: The type and amount of the substance will generally inform whether a drug offense is charged as a misdemeanor or felony, as well as the kinds of penalties the prosecution will seek. A defense strategy may be built upon casting reasonable doubt or proving constitutional errors, such as law enforcement’s performance of a search and seizure without probable cause. Depending on the surrounding circumstances, a prosecutor may be willing to offer favorable plea bargains that result in probation and drug abuse treatment programs, rather than incarceration.

Firearms, Burglary, and Theft: It is unlawful in Florida for a convicted felon to possess a firearm or carry a concealed weapon unless his civil rights have been restored. Similarly, those that have been restrained from committing acts of domestic violence cannot bear a firearm or ammunition. I can devise a defense strategy if you find yourself facing repeat charges or charges related to firearms.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence charges can destroy a family. Section 741.28 of the 2013 Florida Statutes states that domestic violence is made up of any criminal offense resulting in physical injury to or the death of one family or household member by another family or household member. Family or household members are defined as including spouses, former spouses, people living together as if they are a family, and people who together are parents of a child in common. I can help you fight to minimize the repercussions of a domestic violence charge.

Sex Crimes: A sex crime charge can haunt you for the rest of your life, and impact important things like your relationship with your family, housing, and employment. Like other offenses, the elements of a sex crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Unlike other crimes, however, those accused are sometimes assumed guilty rather than presumed innocent. Those accused of an internet sex crime should retain a lawyer with a full understanding of the computer-related defenses involved, such as the possibility of a virus or the possibility that another person used a particular device to engage in the prohibited activities. I fully investigate all allegations, interview all witnesses, and mount the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Juvenile Crimes: Juvenile criminal charges can be stressful for the whole family. As a parent, you may be concerned that these charges will follow your child around into the future, affecting his or her ability to attend college or secure a job. Juvenile cases require a special degree of guidance and personalized attention. If you have a child who has been charged with a juvenile offense, I can help protect his or her future.

Federal Cases: Significant drug, firearm, and property crime cases, particularly those involving trafficking across state borders, sometimes catch the federal government's attention. The mandatory minimum sentences and additional penalties for prior convictions in federal court can be particularly harsh. Prosecutors also have significant leverage because of 18 U.S.C. § 924, which harshly penalizes possessing a gun in connection with a drug offense. Not all Florida lawyers are also admitted to practice in the federal court system. As a lawyer that has been admitted to practice in federal court, I can aggressively defend you against federal charges.

Why Choose Me?

Before I became a criminal defense attorney, I spent five years as a prosecutor with the State Attorney's office. I am familiar with the strategies prosecutors use in the courtroom and have a good rapport with judges, ASAs, and courtroom staff. Familiarity with both the state and federal criminal justice system allows me to offer an aggressive defense to anyone charged with a crime. Laws change regularly. By staying active in legal organizations such as the Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Association and the Palm Beach County Bar Association, I stay up to date with the law and effectively serve my clients' needs.

Call 561-533-1221 or contact me through my online form to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer. I offer appointments both at my Palm Beach Gardens office, located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard, and at a West Palm Beach office. I accept credit cards.